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Hi, I'm Carin g Hansen. I'm a writer, speaker and personal coach in Denver Colorado.

I'm so glad you are visiting my site. I am blessed to be a daughter, sister, wife, mother, business owner, model, actress and cancer survivor. Over twenty years ago a coaching ministry blossomed from these life experiences that offers care, help, hope and encouragement.

About Me

What I Offer

Sacred Identity

We all have a sacred identity in Jesus. But cultural lies, abuse and injustices often cause us to lose sight of that beautiful identity. Sacred means holy, special and unable to be changed. Sacred Identity­ (the study) draws from my personal background as a model, image consultant and my personal cancer journey to look at the beauty within and see how it transfers outside to express outward beauty. It’s packed with truth, insightful, fun and kind of like a "Christian finishing school."

  • This study can be molded to meet your particular needs. Originally written as a ten-week study, it can also be taught as a weekend seminar or day-long workshop. 

Body Image and Cancer

My personal cancer journey 24 years ago, along with my background in the fashion industry and my personal faith in Jesus, has given me the opportunity to help many women deal with the challenges cancer presents.  

My book “A Woman’s Cancer Journey Primer” offers practical help in the form of a travel guide. Seminars, support group sharing and one-on-one consultations utilize the information in that book.

Topics Covered

Preparing yourself

Diet and exercise

Wardrobe choices

Skin and Hair Care

Extended treatment

Treatment side effects

Family & Friends roles

Terminal illness

Reposturing: Mind, Spirit, Body

Following a particularly stressful time in my life that spanned several years, involving the ongoing care and subsequent deaths of both of my parents, I found myself in an emotional place I had never been. The eternal optimist in me had become nearly despondent. Bible study, meditation on scripture and prayer showed me that I had become bent under the weight of life. In other words, I had poor “posture” emotionally that was affecting me in mind, spirit and body. I needed to reposture in all three areas. As I allowed God to do a work of reposturing in me... I once again found hope and joy returned. I was inspired to create and share a new study as a result of my reposturing. This extremely unique study aids us to regain good mind posture, as women of God, through stimulating our senses. Studying scripture as it relates to the "posture" of our spirits and using essentric exercises to work every part of our bodies are the spirit and body portions of this study. Each of the three sessions (mind, spirit, body) combine prayer, exercise, meditation and teaching.


“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”     

Leo Buscaglia

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